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The Inspiration of Water for Hair Growth

So I was just on my Instagram and looking at the stories and a lady I follow @xolovelifeox posted that she’s drank 5-6 glasses of water within 2-3 hours already! Please note she is the hair growth guru, especially for those with high porosity hair (how your hair consumes water and liquids).

For me personally, that is astonishing! Because I’m here ‘trying‘ to drink 1-2 glasses within that time! Haha and I have similar hair texture and very high porosity hair too, however mine is slightly thinner. Especially when straightened, which I rarely do as I don’t like heat in my hair and it looks thinner.

But if you would like your hair to sprout to either reach a desired length or overall have a very healthy scalp and hair strands no matter the shortness or length, I suggest one you most definitely drink ALOT of water! As when I have seen her posts and YouTube videos wow! This lady will stay in the shower for a VERY long time just to drench her hair in water for hydration! Alongside using teas, seasonings like turmeric, seeds like flaxseed the list goes on. Do check her out at https://m.youtube.com/user/Neki2140

By which I find a lot, however it is all fascinating as the inspiration of water for hair growth as she displays it is 10/10. Especially when water has many benefits for hair growth, as well as the body. See below for hair growth:

However, my guidance to you is, don’t follow others. Yes do your research for the goals you would like to reach within your self as to why you feel you want/need to drink more water or start drinking water either for your body, hair growth or even both and then add/create a unique regime to suit your lifestyle that ‘you‘ can manage and cope with.

Cause the moment you start following, you’ll get lost and lose your true self.

As I know for me, I need to drink more water and I know I can do it. Cause I’ve done it before, but to follow what that lady does, I know for a fact I would be all over the place trying to follow her steps as I know deep down that is not me plus my hair does not like fuss or a lot of mixtures, products, teas and etc in it. My hair is mixed textures with loose curls, but it likes a lot of water (which is a bonus as that is my main ingredient I use and John Frieda products and I’m off) and to be plain, simple and at peace with its own regime of shampooing, hair masking and conditioning (includes deep conditioning).

So for those who are like or similar to me, continue doing you and pursue your hair goals and be persistent when you have the time and energy, but if your like ‘Neki Cakes’ I stated above. Well done! You intrigue me to achieve more health for my hair.

And to all of you who need inspiration on water for hair growth, I hope my post helped. Especially with the YouTube video I have enclosed above. Happy hair growing my beauties, as it is not always about length. Having a healthy scalp and hair is the starting points, inspire to be inspired. Mwah 💋

Love Miss Rose 🌹


5 thoughts on “The Inspiration of Water for Hair Growth

    1. Well done for drinking lots of water, you motivate me to do the same 🙌🏽 as for having problems with your scalp. Sorry to hear, I hope it gets better. Have you tried sesame seed oil? It has healing properties for the scalp, alongside making it healthy. Massaging it in will help prevent scalp and hair problems, as well as mustard seed oil. Both have great benefits for the scalp that you can continue with as a regime, as well the hair as they’re organic


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