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Fitness After Becoming a First Time Mother

So many of you may know/remember before I became a first time mother, I was very athletic. Loved attending the gym and even done gym sessions in the park, then I became a mother and still continued to the end. Until my last week, I had to force myself to rest!

As one thing about me, I’m always on the go! And I push myself to stay independent and get errands done, the story of my life. Whilst, including workouts in my regime.

But towards the end of my pregnancy, despite I only had belly. The waddling like a duck surely came! So I certainly was not attending the gym, despite I was still slim. On a personal note, I was body conscience and still am.

As not many people understand that slim people get very body conscience too, we would love to probably be a bit curvier, more toned, the list goes on. So I wanted to remain not just toned, but also healthy within my mind, body and soul throughout my pregnancy and afterwards. Since I thought, whilst being pregnant I’d gained a bigger chest. My close friends and family heard me say it all the time haha, but it so did not happen the way I envisioned lol.

However, on the plus side and not being crude at least that area on my body stayed the same. I was so grateful! As I had heard so many stories about how a ladies chest can change for the good, then suddenly after birth change for the bad.

Anyway, my fitness after becoming a first time mother has been up and down. Since I thought I was busy before having my baby, but now. Wow! Let’s just say that is multiplied, however I thought wait! You need to fit time in for you with at least one thing you really enjoy and stick to it… ‘Fitness‘.

So as soon as I came back off holiday, I’ve kept up with my fitness more and been loving it. As luckily I came across ‘Karrueche Tran’ fitness trainer – ‘Mario Guevara‘ – ‘Mr MvFit‘ for a new niche and extra motivation.

And I must say the way he gets you to use resistant bands is epic, when I say I felt like my muscles were expanding within 30-60 minutes afterwards was intense and while training the burn makes you feel like you need to stop cause your muscles burnnnn! Lol, but no pain, no gain!

So I am very grateful for his training techniques and how they work for my body , alongside ‘Maddie Lymburner’ – ‘Madfit‘ – she is the pulses queen to me, when she does her workouts with pulses. Oooh!

I must say, I am seeing extra definition with not just my own circuit training but with both of there’s too. Plus, staying healthy and fit, will encourage my son to do the same throughout his life too. Therefore, aside of being fit for me, I’m working out for my baby too.

So any first time mother’s or mother’s in general who we’re into fitness before pregnancy or is new to it, stay positive you can do this! Your body will thank you! Your core muscles ‘will‘ strengthen, you will also gain some core muscles if you put in the work!

You will look and feel healthier too, just remember to try and drink more water as well. As my motto is, even if you don’t eat healthy. Drinking water will clear out the toxins and junk from your system, so at least try.

If you can’t attend the gym, go for walks even if it’s with your baby or do home workouts if your more homely. Either way you know what is best for you and how you feel comfortable.

I’m speaking on my experience as a busy first time mother and aim to pass on my guidance to others, you never know who your helping. Even if it’s one person, so to all mothers out there. YOU GOT THIS BEAUTIFUL!

Believe me a positive mindset is important for your wellbeing and overall health!

#Teammom #Teamfit

Much love, Miss Rose 🌹


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