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Passed my PA/Secretarial course and Law course too! Woooooo!

So apart from attending fashion showcases, I have also been studying!

And it has been hard to get the time to study, focus, have peace and quiet for yourself, let alone be a first time mother to a baby, attend your household, do errands, the list goes on…

It is a blessing I am organised, that sincerely helped. But to know I done it all by myself and still plucked up the courage to pursue my hopes and goals whilst being on maternity leave to better myself further with more qualifications and educational studies years after my two diploma’s, degree, third diploma and now an extra two qualifications in completely different subjects from each other and the previous studies I’ve done years ago

Wow! I’ve still got it in me. I still have the brains even, only a few months after giving birth I gained 90% out of 100% in my PA/Secretarial course and 100% out of 100% in my Law course!

I am SO shocked at the law one, cause that was really hard!!!! I haven’t had a course so hard like that one since university and I feel to cry cause I have done everything my whole self and my studies and passed and can be an even better parent/friend and educational influencer to my baby to never give up! He has a mother that is self driven and strives to achieve the best for herself to lay platforms down for her baby to enjoy and accomplish in life

And so I am…

My faith in Jesus helped me through too!

And so for those young or older, who have goals big or small, go for them! Even if you don’t believe in Jesus, to carry you through with strength and admiration you are still gifted and blessed to even have your mind enlightened to accomplish your positive aspirations and achieve. Just always remember to be grateful and thankful, even for the negativity it helps shape you to be better and to help others even if you don’t know them

Sending much love to you xoxo


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