It Doesn’t Matter Where You Go In Life, As long As You Go To The Beach

So lately, I went to the beach 🏖 as at times you just need some sand, sea and good sunshine ☀️ with warm weather.

Well I certainly got all of that, it was hot, blissful and fun. Soaking up the sun rays, indulging my toes in the sand, shades on, bikini 👙 and kimono on. Whilst making sand castles… Simple moments, but fun.

So my motto to you in this brief post is, it doesn’t matter where you go in life as long as you go to the beach.🏝

Live life to the fullest, don’t live just to exist.


Antenatal Yoga

So whilst being pregnant I have took up antenatal yoga and I must say it is so beneficial for me and baby, especially if you find it difficult to breathe. It will open up your rib cage and stretch your vertebrae to give your body more room for your baby and I must say I am loving the whole exercise, despite I also do a lot of walking and weightless exercises too. Since, I miss attending the gym and using weights. So my next focus of fitness for me and baby is minimal, non weights exercises, walking and antenatal yoga.




Therefore, I have enclosed some beneficial factors that are quiet useful for a pregnant mother on her journey to motherhood with antenatal yoga. Please see below:


  • Helps you to develop your co-ordination, balance and strength, I have hardly any balance especially being pregnant so this is vital for me lol. Many don’t realise, once you become pregnant your core can throw you off balance. Especially if you like to still wear wedges and heels like me if going on social outings, but bring a back up like flip flops or sliders. I certainly do and I can’t stand flat shoes! However, it is better to be safe than sorry ladies.


  • It can help relieve so much tension, blood flow of circulation in your body, for example your back, legs, arms, head and any other areas in your body. This is because as your baby grows, there is pressure on those areas of the mind and body. Which can be very strenuous and at times tiring and stressful.


  • However, it can relax and calm our state of mind and relax baby so much. It is also a bonus for our organs like the heart and digestive system to flow properly, with a better sleep pattern or nap specifically if you sleep on your left hand side.


  • It is also sufficient preparation for labor and giving birth, with its breathing exercises of inhaling and exhaling, you will relieve your mind and body from the tension and at times pain from braxton hicks and contractions you may endure with sheer focus from each breath being inhaled and exhaled. This leads to mother and baby having a positive connection with each other, while the mother focuses on listening to her body focusing on what is going on and regulating her’s and the baby’s own blood pressure, heart rate and breathing to come into the world with as much calmness and relaxation as possible.


  • Lastly, my favourite one about antenatal yoga is the bonding time you get to spend with you and baby. Especially when your days and life are busy to practice antenatal yoga even for ’10 minutes’ is nurturing for you and baby to bond and have together in your own element of inner peace and tranquillity, as you take care and love yourself and your baby.


I hope you enjoyed this post and feel more enlightened to take up antenatal yoga if you are pregnant or feel inclined to recommend it now onto someone you may know who is pregnant and even if you are not pregnant, you may have health issues/concerns or may want/ feel you need to try something relaxing and new but do not want to indulge in the whole yoga experience/belief but just would like to test it out. Do try yoga… As I was like that about yoga, however the benefits I have experienced whilst being pregnant for myself not just baby have been brilliant. I highly recommend trying yoga that fits your niche and see how you get on.

Much love as always xoxo


1 Year Anniversary of Blogging



Hey my lovelies, so today is my ‘1 Year Anniversary of Blogging’. Wow! One year already…

It makes you think, what have I done in a year? (Highs or lows)… (Achievements and progression)… The list goes on…





But since, this is a celebration about my blog. I must say a BIG THANK YOU TO WORDPRESS for allowing me to showcase my passion for writing, to deliver such in depth and private moments that I would like others across the world to see and read. Especially, as writing has always been an awe of mine from a little girl. However, being a private person sometimes it is difficult to come out of your comfort zone and reveal yourself and your movements of life. Specifically when society is ‘so open’ and ‘in your face’, whether you like it or not or are into social media or not. Though, a year later I have continued my blog, embraced my travel experiences living up to one of my nicknames ‘Dora the Explorer’ lol. Since, I am frequently up and down. Even now whilst becoming a mother, I have upped the level as I would like my baby to endure my footsteps and embrace life with their own travel experiences and moments of their life in a positive manner. Whilst encouraging, inspiring and making others smile.




I shall continue to write and post features of my travel experiences, memoirs of my life and my new adventure of ‘motherhood’ too. So I hope you keep intrigued and continue to enjoy my posts, as I do yours too.

xoxo Love Miss Rose xoxo



The Beautiful Life of Cardiff

So lately, I did another baby moon and spent some nice quality time in Cardiff.



I have always wanted and intended to visit Cardiff specifically, as I have heard so many good things about the city. Despite I have been Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 many times, I knew in my heart I longed to visit Cardiff!

And finally years down the line, I accomplished my goal and officially found myself in the wonderful city of Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿. I absolutely loved the place, the city was so bold, touristic, welcoming and enlightening with an amazing museum!

I spent a few hours in the ‘National Museum Cardiff’, wow you should know by now I adore museums, the beauty of life and art and Victoria and Albert Museum was actually my favourite. However, now it has been kicked off the list and taken over by the National Museum Cardiff.



There is so much to admire in there and since I am not an individual who likes nature museums (they freak me out, especially the stuffed birds and insects. Ugh they make me cringe!), the National Museum Cardiff nature segments were amazing and so huge, I was lead into pure fascination!



Also there was lovely relaxation parks of greenery, such as the ‘Gorsedd Gardens’. The flowers in there were lush! I have also taken photographs of the beauty I admire for you to see, I tell you without rain there would be no flowers and the same motto stems for ourselves… Unless we are watered, we won’t grow or mature with awe of blossoming grace and boldness of joy.



So when you have the opportunity, enjoy and embrace your life how you would like to within means you can manage mentally, physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually. Whether you do it alone, with family, friends, partner or child/children go enjoy life and create blissful, fun memories.



As Cardiff fulfilled my expectations, they also had lots of shops and my favourite Spanish shop – ‘Stradivarius’! When I saw the shop, I was back in Barcelona haha! If you have never shopped in there, go seek it out even if it’s online. However, it is better to go in the store. Especially in Spain 🇪🇸.

Also I got to go on my favourite fun fair ride, as I do not like heights. The carasol 🎠 my eyes lit up when I seen it! Haha and yes I went on there with my pregnant self LOL! My partner had to help me get on it, since apart of me forgot I had a belly in front of me. Due to my sheer excitement of just wanting to get on the horse and enjoy the ride, which I certainly did. Plus the baby loved it, as it was very soothing hehe.



But yes, I think I shall finish writing now as I do not want to overload you with a long post. Though in relation to my latest travel destination, I must say Cardiff made me a happy lady and I will gladly visit again as the people were also lovely too and did their own thing. It is a lovely city, especially when the sun out it gets so hot over there. Glad I finally made it!


Blessings to my Unborn Child

To my unborn child,
what I wish to give you in times to come. Happiness and wisdom,
a life filled with fun, love 💛 and God’s blessings 🙏🏽
To explore all adventures of your curious mind 🌍, to become knowledgeable of what you’ll find,
As I await your arrival 👣 and the presence of newborn smiles, hiccups, giggles and cries.
I picture how you’ll look when I open up my eyes, I feel your movements every time I wake each day and throughout the day.
Letting mommy know that you’re okay,
obstacles I hope you’ll overcome,
education I know you’ll get done,
I stay up late watching our American programmes, reading to you,
talking to my stomach,
a feeling I never knew, especially with our conversations lol 🤗☺️😊 oh how beautiful and true 🌹
Hungry and still sensible, giving mommy no morning sickness and still able to eat healthy all the time with your very sweet tooth.
No doubt you’re a child of mine, you make me feel so happy 🙌🏽 come rain ☔️ or shine ☀️
Because, the formation of another life makes me glad and humble.
Proud of you I am,
I already sense how you’ll be,
a smart child for mommy and daddy to see.
No worries from me a mom to be,
to a special 🍭 ‘sugar dumpling’ 🍬 baby I can’t wait to see.
Love you beyond this earth, as I tell you everyday ♥️ love mommy♥️

Leeds… Life in the Meadows…

So I have travelled to Leeds lately and I have been a few years ago, for their carnival (which was absolutely amazing back in the day). However, I never took notice of their main city. Wow! I felt like I was in the meadows, I travelled through Huddersfield, Rochdale and then Leeds. What a very long trip that was, I need to go back to embrace it all again, however I did enjoy my experience and time their despite it was so long!

Here are some images of my trip below, enjoy xoxo

Baby First Vacation to Cheshire and Chester

So within the coming weeks I have been travelling to different places, as I cannot travel abroad this year as I would like to be safe as possible and not travel on a plane. However, that is my own personal choice, but God willing when I do give birth. I will be booking a vacation abroad, as travelling is part of my lifestyle. So I am still incorporating travel as a mother to be too!

Also, I can start my baby off to be adventurous and to embrace life to the fullest within it’s life means from a young age and see from when I was pregnant I travelled with them hehe when my baby was still a bump in my belly from photos.

So my baby first trip was to Cheshire and Chester, which was cold but lovely when the sun came out, as those places are very close to each other and so if you have never been to both or one over the other do visit, you will feel like your in a posh Shakespeare lifestyle.

Surprise Surprise… I am becoming a Mother

Dear followers,

Sorry I haven’t been posting often lately, when I have posted I have been missing out a big section of my life. Which I feel now is necessary to post about, as I wanted to make sure it was safe and embrace my special bundle of joy to myself that I am becoming a mother!

So this year I celebrated my ‘first Mother’s Day’ with my bump and it was so amazingly, beautiful! Yes I know my baby is not hear yet, but to be so loved and admired as a mother to be with gifts, messages and just overall joy and wonder. I was so humbled and content, I did not expect any gifts or messages. Just to have my baby growing within me was a gift in itself and I am truly, sincerely grateful to God to be becoming a mother.

And my partner made it even more special, I couldn’t help get emotional. But I must say I have such a good baby, no morning sickness. I can eat whatever I like, so I can still eat healthy. For example, fruit and etc. Just I couldn’t take the smell of smoking, curry and some men aftershaves if they walked past me lol. Other than that and the ‘tiredness’, my pregnancy has been blossoming and blessed. 

So finally, surprise surprise I am becoming a mother. So bare with me, having and preparing for a baby takes up so much time! It is a blessing I’m organised, however time is waiting for no-one so I better get a move on and tick things off my list before my baby due. So now you know my lovelies why I have been missing in action.

But yes please see some of my images from my first Mother’s Day xoxo

In My Heart of Hearts…

Sometimes life reveals so much to you, about how far you have came and grown. Compared to where you was sometime ago…



It may not be where you want to be, but most likely it is much better than where you was previously. Whether your life has been smoothing sailing or hit and bashed by thunderstorms and kinds of weather you did not see coming or think would happen.



Either way there was blessings, experiences and life lessons that were big and small to grow forth from.



Even if it leaves you emotional and overwhelmed, realise and recognise how blessed you actually are. Whether you see, feel it or not. At times the things we go through is not always directly for us, it is to help, support, advise, guide and inspire others whether you know them or not or choose to disclose your intimate and private life or not. Sometimes talking in parables, in code or indirect can still be powerfully understood and felt by those needing it even if they didn’t realise so until they came across ‘you’.



So my post today is no matter where you are, what you are doing… Be grateful and continue to push through with personal growth, you are only human and trying your best! And that is an important step in itself.


♥️ of Reggaeton – Culture

Hey my loves, hope your well.


So it’s spring, but the weather says otherwise. It is so cold! With all the snow and heavy winds…


However, I still have an upbeat spirit by listening to ‘reggaeton‘… One thing about me, I love reggaeton music and no it is not the same as ‘reggae’… I am not a fan of reggae at all, but reggaeton is me 100%.


And for those who are unaware of what reggaeton is, it is a genre of music from Puerto Rico back in the 90’s. That is combined with three of my favourite genres, hip hop, latin American and Caribbean music. (Despite I enjoy other types of music too, as I am very versatile. These are my main loves of music).


Especially since reggaeton is so cultured with mixes of English and Spanish, combined with a Caribbean/West Indian rhythm and music of the dembow riddim ranged from dancehall producers back in the 80’s and it still influences till this day whether a song is romantic, smooth, entertaining, quick or slow.


There is sure to be a song for ‘everyone‘, whether you can understand the lyrics, can dance or not.


And so I have listed some suggestions for you that I adore listening and dancing to, since I grew up listening to Spanish music as a child. So whenever I hear some reggaeton songs, it makes me reminisce.


Here are some songs I enjoy below:


  • Shakira and Maluma – Trap


  • Shakira and Maluma – Chantaje


  • J Balvin – Mi Gente


  • J Balvin – Ginza


  • J Balvin – Ahora


  • Daddy Yankee – Dura


  • Nicky Jam and J Balvin – X


Have a blessed day beauts ♥️