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Never Let Anyone’s Negativity Dull Your Sparkle and Process In Life

So I recently came back from my third holiday of the year… Paris (I will post about this soon, when I have more time to write and post).

Anyway, back to this post. I had a catch up with an old person (bare in mind I hadn’t spoken to this individual for a long time! But if we spoke it was like no time had past), however into our brief general conversation about life. I realised not only did it seem like time hadn’t past, but honestly not to be negative but I noticed they hadn’t changed a bit. There seemed to be no maturity.

However, I just let the person be who they were as they weren’t affecting me personally with their later into the conversation foolishness and sexual personality (I just learnt over the years of knowing that person, that is just how they are and how they will always be)

No male or female can ever change an individual, only the person them self can make that transition to do so. (If they choose too, else they will remain set in their ways)

Anyway, as our conversation was drawing to a close and on a good positive vibe with much laughter. The person took it upon themselves to get personal and ask if I still workout, as my followers will know before I was pregnant I trained a lot at the gym and whilst pregnant I had no weight gain just belly. So after giving birth, there was no need to go gym and certainly no time!

As having a baby, takes up your time a lot! But I’m not complaining cause I love motherhood, but I still stay toned now and again with home workouts and do ALOT of walking. So that individual decided to say, where is my bum? It is flat! And sent me one of my own beach pictures off my social media and circled my bum! I was like pardon?! (I was so shocked and infuriated, it’s only just now a few hours later it’s hitting me)

Cut the long story short, I am a single lady my body is to please no-one and never has been. My body is for me and I am happy with it, yes I would like more muscle mass on my bum. But at least I have one, I am petite and still toned after a baby and I am grateful as many mothers hate their bodies in general no matter the size even after being pregnant and even if I didn’t have a bum. At least it is something I can always work on with good, quality fitness.

So when I read and saw what that person did, just because I wasn’t interested the way they wanted me to be and I haven’t ‘weight trained’ to make my bum much bigger. I must say… It has upset me… And that’s why I’ve felt I’ve need to express my feelings on my blog and state ‘never let anyone’s negativity, dull your sparkle and process in life’.

Yes I shouldn’t make what was said and occurred get to me, but I am human. I get body conscience! I get told by young and older, my weight is great after having a baby. I’m nice and slender and those that know me, know my body hasn’t changed since I gave birth and that is a blessing in itself as there are ladies out there that so upset by their bodies. Learning to embrace it, is hard!

But I personally have my flaws and one is my bum, just to be slightly rounder (more so from the sides, as it looks fuller from the back and always has done. But I have learnt that is just how it is and I shall put the effort in to meet my goal). As despite my hurt from the body shame I got, I will use it to my advantage and continue staying toned and work even harder on my bum! Not to please that person or anyone, but to prove to myself don’t ever make anyone get you down! Especially not a male! LOVE YOURSELF! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Even if you feel there are things you want to work on to make yourself more at peace and content, you got this!

And as reference, even slim people have feelings! Just because we are slender does not mean we don’t eat, we don’t exercise, we don’t intend to put on some weight. We are just by chance created this way and we work with our bodies to be comfortable as we can be!

So be mindful of how you look down and judge slim people too, not just bigger individuals. You do not know our story or feelings of how our bodies make us feel each day! Same applies to myself with others too, as I am not a saint.

Anyway, sorry for the long post. But I needed to express myself, instead of holding it in… As I know I won’t speak to that person again, they crossed a boundary that I can forgive but not forget and I know there is at least one person that has been in my shoes and felt similar or the same about their own self.

And if so, just keep your head up! Don’t conform yourself for anyone or anything and speak out!

Much love, Miss Rose 🌹

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Leicester Sweet Treats

So last week, I went to Leicester just to recap on some nice university memories and see if the city had changed at all. From what I saw it hadn’t and so it was bittersweet to remember where I had some fun times!

But the best thing was treating myself to some sweet treats!

As when you have goals to achieve, whether big or small and it seems like it’s taking forever to reach them. Despite all the sacrifices you’ve made along the way to begin accomplishing, you must never forget to treat yourself! Life is for living, so enjoy the small sweet things that make you smile and happy. It will help you keep going!

Much love to you as always, Miss Rose 🌹

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Wake Up Call

At times we are so in our own world, we forget about others. Cause we ourselves have a lot going on, whether good or bad. However, for those of us who are on any form of social media. Our audience only see what we post, whether our social media’s are open or private. Either way, we still display privacy as if we’re living a double life. Even if it is not intentional, the motive is… Not everyone needs to be in your business and know ‘everything‘ about you, many things are better left private and sentimental

And so I understand that 100%, but when you have a wake up call of others you are aware of but you foresee them for how they present themselves on social media and on the phone or in public. But then when you see their inner private life, it hits you. No wonder they are, how they are!

Because their inner private life is a life many people would be judgemental about and wouldn’t understand, so they portray what they think needs to be seen/shown and for me was awake up call. As there are MANY people living a very difficult life and ‘trying‘ to make the most of it, the best way they know how whilst even caring for others alongside themselves but they don’t reveal any of it as ‘trust‘ needs to be built up! Alongside many other notions, since people can be so opinionated and for that I applaud people in this boat as you are very strong to intentionally or even unintentionally live a double life as you are being protective of yourself and those who need you.

I have sat and analysed that, no matter how young or old we are. We are all fighting our own battles, but also obstacles for others no matter who they may be to us and still we try to stand strong despite the negativity and thunderstorms that comes with it.

And so I say, continue standing strong. Protecting yourself and your close one/s and do not feel bad if you need to be cruel to be kind to those who have no clue as you have chose not to disclose anything personal to them for whatever reason/s or better yet be selfish, to make sacrifices to better yourself and those you care for around you.

Do not live to please others, no one can look after you and provide for you, if you can’t do it for yourself first. And even if you fall back, break down, cry a lot, cuss or shutdown. There is hope and light, take a little step and you will realise you are making progress! A little goes along way. So keep your head up, my beaut. Despite what you are going through, how you are feeling or having to care for someone. You are inspiring somebody. Giving them a wake up call to live their life to the fullest, be strong and be true to themselves!

Love as always,

Miss Rose 🌹

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Happy 1st Birthday Son

So today is my Son 1st birthday, I am so in awe of my baby boy. I absolutely love and adore him, I am one proud mother and truly grateful to the Lord for blessing me to be his mother and bring him into this world safely!

You are my heartbeat, mommy will love you always and forever. You and I against the world Sugar Dumpling ❤️

Love as always Miss Rose 🌹 (mommy)

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Thankful For Genuine People

So throughout life, no matter the age. You will go through tests and trials, you’ll even question yourself about occurrences that have came up suddenly and just need a lending ear to help give you advice, guidance or even an insight on what your going through and feelings. Cause at that present moment in time, you felt trapped, you couldn’t even think or see straight no matter how big or small it was. But with the help of that genuine person or people in your life, they miraculously assisted you through.

And for that you become ‘thankful‘, cause they speak some truth of existence, inspiration and admiration into your life. That you may have had a clue about, but then you are your own worse critic so at times you forget your self worth.

So never forget you are worthy, you can overcome your obstacles whether it takes you a while or not and give thanks to the genuineness of people or a person in your life. These days whether it is family, friend, associate or not, they are hard to come by. So be aware not to devalue yourself, always stay woke, but also importantly be grateful! And try to live your life the best way you know how, you are a working progress so believe in yourself. Cause those genuine people certainly do! And if you believe in God, no doubt he surely does. Cause even if you have one person or your by yourself, his got you in a way you know that favour of awe and wonder, with positivity, peace and relief that feels like a breath of fresh air was a blessing from him.

So try stay positive and thankful, there’s only so much you can do. Let others help you, even if it’s a little bit. Never burn yourself out.

Love always, Miss Rose 🌹

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The Inspiration of Water for Hair Growth

So I was just on my Instagram and looking at the stories and a lady I follow @xolovelifeox posted that she’s drank 5-6 glasses of water within 2-3 hours already! Please note she is the hair growth guru, especially for those with high porosity hair (how your hair consumes water and liquids).

For me personally, that is astonishing! Because I’m here ‘trying‘ to drink 1-2 glasses within that time! Haha and I have similar hair texture and very high porosity hair too, however mine is slightly thinner. Especially when straightened, which I rarely do as I don’t like heat in my hair and it looks thinner.

But if you would like your hair to sprout to either reach a desired length or overall have a very healthy scalp and hair strands no matter the shortness or length, I suggest one you most definitely drink ALOT of water! As when I have seen her posts and YouTube videos wow! This lady will stay in the shower for a VERY long time just to drench her hair in water for hydration! Alongside using teas, seasonings like turmeric, seeds like flaxseed the list goes on. Do check her out at https://m.youtube.com/user/Neki2140

By which I find a lot, however it is all fascinating as the inspiration of water for hair growth as she displays it is 10/10. Especially when water has many benefits for hair growth, as well as the body. See below for hair growth:

However, my guidance to you is, don’t follow others. Yes do your research for the goals you would like to reach within your self as to why you feel you want/need to drink more water or start drinking water either for your body, hair growth or even both and then add/create a unique regime to suit your lifestyle that ‘you‘ can manage and cope with.

Cause the moment you start following, you’ll get lost and lose your true self.

As I know for me, I need to drink more water and I know I can do it. Cause I’ve done it before, but to follow what that lady does, I know for a fact I would be all over the place trying to follow her steps as I know deep down that is not me plus my hair does not like fuss or a lot of mixtures, products, teas and etc in it. My hair is mixed textures with loose curls, but it likes a lot of water (which is a bonus as that is my main ingredient I use and John Frieda products and I’m off) and to be plain, simple and at peace with its own regime of shampooing, hair masking and conditioning (includes deep conditioning).

So for those who are like or similar to me, continue doing you and pursue your hair goals and be persistent when you have the time and energy, but if your like ‘Neki Cakes’ I stated above. Well done! You intrigue me to achieve more health for my hair.

And to all of you who need inspiration on water for hair growth, I hope my post helped. Especially with the YouTube video I have enclosed above. Happy hair growing my beauties, as it is not always about length. Having a healthy scalp and hair is the starting points, inspire to be inspired. Mwah 💋

Love Miss Rose 🌹

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Fitness After Becoming a First Time Mother

So many of you may know/remember before I became a first time mother, I was very athletic. Loved attending the gym and even done gym sessions in the park, then I became a mother and still continued to the end. Until my last week, I had to force myself to rest!

As one thing about me, I’m always on the go! And I push myself to stay independent and get errands done, the story of my life. Whilst, including workouts in my regime.

But towards the end of my pregnancy, despite I only had belly. The waddling like a duck surely came! So I certainly was not attending the gym, despite I was still slim. On a personal note, I was body conscience and still am.

As not many people understand that slim people get very body conscience too, we would love to probably be a bit curvier, more toned, the list goes on. So I wanted to remain not just toned, but also healthy within my mind, body and soul throughout my pregnancy and afterwards. Since I thought, whilst being pregnant I’d gained a bigger chest. My close friends and family heard me say it all the time haha, but it so did not happen the way I envisioned lol.

However, on the plus side and not being crude at least that area on my body stayed the same. I was so grateful! As I had heard so many stories about how a ladies chest can change for the good, then suddenly after birth change for the bad.

Anyway, my fitness after becoming a first time mother has been up and down. Since I thought I was busy before having my baby, but now. Wow! Let’s just say that is multiplied, however I thought wait! You need to fit time in for you with at least one thing you really enjoy and stick to it… ‘Fitness‘.

So as soon as I came back off holiday, I’ve kept up with my fitness more and been loving it. As luckily I came across ‘Karrueche Tran’ fitness trainer – ‘Mario Guevara‘ – ‘Mr MvFit‘ for a new niche and extra motivation.

And I must say the way he gets you to use resistant bands is epic, when I say I felt like my muscles were expanding within 30-60 minutes afterwards was intense and while training the burn makes you feel like you need to stop cause your muscles burnnnn! Lol, but no pain, no gain!

So I am very grateful for his training techniques and how they work for my body , alongside ‘Maddie Lymburner’ – ‘Madfit‘ – she is the pulses queen to me, when she does her workouts with pulses. Oooh!

I must say, I am seeing extra definition with not just my own circuit training but with both of there’s too. Plus, staying healthy and fit, will encourage my son to do the same throughout his life too. Therefore, aside of being fit for me, I’m working out for my baby too.

So any first time mother’s or mother’s in general who we’re into fitness before pregnancy or is new to it, stay positive you can do this! Your body will thank you! Your core muscles ‘will‘ strengthen, you will also gain some core muscles if you put in the work!

You will look and feel healthier too, just remember to try and drink more water as well. As my motto is, even if you don’t eat healthy. Drinking water will clear out the toxins and junk from your system, so at least try.

If you can’t attend the gym, go for walks even if it’s with your baby or do home workouts if your more homely. Either way you know what is best for you and how you feel comfortable.

I’m speaking on my experience as a busy first time mother and aim to pass on my guidance to others, you never know who your helping. Even if it’s one person, so to all mothers out there. YOU GOT THIS BEAUTIFUL!

Believe me a positive mindset is important for your wellbeing and overall health!

#Teammom #Teamfit

Much love, Miss Rose 🌹

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So whilst in Portugal, I visited Seville. As if you aren’t aware already, Spain and Portugal are neighbours and I got to go across the border which was wonderful. My nickname isn’t #Doratheexplorer for no reason lol.

Anyway, along my visit in Seville it was SO HOT!!!!!! 49 degrees! I love buying sunglasses, but can’t stand to wear them! However, whilst out there I had no choice as the sun rays were at its peak and got hotter as midday came.

I must say the city is so stunning! I studied media and culture at university and if I was ever still a student, I would have done my dissertation on that city. As the moment you arrive you are alerted by its beautiful tourist attractions. Such as the ‘parasol’, with lots of trees to shade the city from the heat. Lovely, bright flowers and buildings that just make you say ooooh!

Aside of that, I obviously went for the shopping! Hehe, I saw they even had my favourite shops from ‘Stradivirus’, ‘Berserk’, ‘Pull and Bear’. If you shop there you will understand I was straight in there ASAP! Haha

Plus, Seville still have their ‘C&A’ it hadn’t gone into administration it was still like it used to be. Then obviously Spanish shops are ooooooh la la, I had a lot of shopping bags as I enjoyed my birthday shopping in the city of Seville.

Great birthday experience and lastly before I forget. The highlight of visiting Seville was me being lost in Seville, one thing about Seville is if you go down their side roads you always come out into more shops, lots on restaurants and food quarters. Even some buildings of attractions looked the same, so when I got lost I was hot and flustered and just started panicking. Cause I needed to get back!

I must tell you, being lost in Seville is surreal and no joke. Luckily I had a map and can understand most Spanish words and speak some Spanish thanks to my nan as she taught me as a little girl as there’s some Spanish from her side. Plus I didn’t name my son ‘Cruz‘ for no reason, apart from wanting him to have a short, exotic, religious name. So Spain is always extra special to me. Therefore, whilst getting lost. Thankfully a handsome, Spanish gentleman saw I was lost who owed a restaurant and helped me in the right direction from my map.

And even to him, I am thankful as it shows how polite and helpful Spanish people are. Even more so when you are able to speak their language, so for that I was even more grateful!

So thank you Seville for the lovely memories, I can laugh about it now as I found my way and had a lovely birthday experience with lots of shopping feeling completely in my own world of adventure.

I will most definitely aim to be more fluent lol and I would certainly return again, love as always Miss Rose 🌹 🇪🇸

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So lately for my birthday, I went to Portugal and also toured Loule. I must say it was so beautiful, extremely hot! And overall an amazing experience, as I have always wanted to visit the country and now I have. Meeting lovely people and sceneries with a relaxing experience and the enjoyment of travelling with my baby for his ‘first holiday’.

Which he did extremely well, no moaning on the way there. He embraced the whole wonders of travelling on the plane and seeing the bliss sights of the clouds and sky, then learnt to clap his hands on the first day as soon as we arrived in the hotel #proudmother to eating very well. There is nothing my child doesn’t like yet haha! His very healthy and an excellent eater! To literally trying to eat the sand and only moaned when I needed to take the sand out of his eyes haha, to crawling on the seaweed and lastly falling asleep all the way back on the plane. I need say my son was living his best life in Portugal 🇵🇹

Then as for me, I got to relax in the sauna and detox my skin. Which was SO helpful, since having a baby I have a flat stomach. But to be honest there was still slight discoloration, so within the 30 minutes my stomach was revitalised and the colour started to flourish back! I was so amazed I went again and again haha, as I only went to chill, have me time and then that went to detoxifying my skin which worked wonders. I feel like I have me back again! So for those that have the same issue now, from having a baby. Try the sauna for a good overall cleanse.

As you don’t realise, once having a baby you body changes so much and even though I am thankful I snapped back after a week and a half as I only had belly. For me to be honest my major flaw was my discoloring of my stomach and now that has gone! I am very grateful to Portugal for that!

On the contrary, the hotel was huge! The biggest hotel I have stayed in, the staff were lovely and it also had other levels for extra privacy where I also met lovely people and gained extra knowledge, laughter and delight from the elders (I love speaking to older people).

Also, the beach was right outside as the background haha! So when I didn’t want to chill in the indoor/outdoor pool, I most certainly went to the beach for extra tranquility and surrealism. Just breathing in the fresh air, listening to the sounds of the sea and nature was just outstanding. I even danced, did cartwheels, ran on the beach like I was in baywatch ha! Life was brilliant out there.

Travelling gives me so much peace and contentment.

Also, their food was lovely and tasty! Beautifully decorated and thoughtful, even for my birthday out there, I had a surprise party with two singers, balloons with sparkles and even a beautiful trinket big seashell present from a couple I met out there. Which I will treasure for life, not cause it looks expensive! Wow, but cause it was the thought and time put in by them to think of me and share my special day for my birthday and I also danced the night away. Until I felt tired, #momlife lol

I also explored the harbour, for me life is not a vacation without seeing a boat. I get so excited, that is one thing apart from viewing the palm trees and watching the birds fly so freely in the sky as I daydream taking life in being thankful and eating healthy and happily. I just love to see a boat on the sea and eat great big scoops of ice cream.

But yes, I shall make my images speak for themselves. Enjoy!

Much love, Miss Rose 🌹