Dan Colen: Sweet Liberty

So as stated in my previous blog, you would be in for a treat… Here I present to you an exhibition I was invited to attend by ‘Dan Colen’ named ‘Sweet Liberty’ at ‘Newport Street Gallery’.


For those of you who don’t know who Dan Colen is, he is an American artist. Those who are really fascinated by art and based in New York or even New Jersey may be even more aware of him, as he grew up in Leonia. However, he is based in New York but exhibitions his art around the world for all of us to see his creative, painted images, sculptures and at times installations of his paint work, especially within London.


His talent with paint in my opinion is epic and always for seen as bright and colourful… For example, his artistry within ‘Gasosian’ – ‘Let’s Have War’, do google the image and you will see beautiful paintings of flowers he has created on bleached Belgian linen. However, to others they may not see it as flowers just messy art. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


Anyway, back to ‘Sweet Liberty’.


Dan Colen has gone beyond to create large installations, from my photographs these are based on American subcultures of individualism with crafts, technology and transformed powers of art using materials and so I shall not divulge any further within my blog post. Instead I shall make you see my photography from the exhibition for your own eyes.


Ciggarettes made out of glass

‘Scooby Doo where are you? We got some work to do now…’


Scooby Doo, had my back. Haha

Balloons made out of glass

I hope you have enjoyed my photography of ‘Dan Colen: Sweet Liberty‘ from my favourite gallery – ‘Newport Street Gallery’. If you are not aware of his artwork, do venture out and enjoy his skillful work wherever his latest exhibitions are held.


Thank you for reading, love Miss Rose 🌹


Lambeth and Millbank

Hey beauties, hope you are all okay. So whilst in London I managed to take time out in Lambeth, please bare in mind if you haven’t been to Lambeth yet do visit there. Especially the Millbank with Westminster not being too far from there neither, because the sights are stunning…


Just look at my pictures whilst I was walking past to visit my favourite gallery (Newport Street Gallery). And yes I walk when I’m in London, I enjoy it. I cannot be bothered with the tube, too much fuss. Even though it’s quick if needed, but walking around London is better! I capture so many interesting pictures, sights and adventures going on it is wonderful.


Anyway, before I sway off track. Here is my picture of ‘Millbank’.

And this is my photography of ‘Lambeth Bridge’.

Over that bridge you will see Westminster, I must say Big Ben is very pretty to look at even with the structured work still commencing on it. However, the area is so busy! It did distress me a little bit to know many lost their lives not far from where I could see when I walked Lambeth Bridge over in Westminster and so it certainly makes you count your blessings, but to also remember be safe when travelling and to always be alert and not hang around unnecessarily. As you never know, that may be the time danger strikes…


However, on a lighter note. Do be on the look out for my next blog post named ‘Sweet Liberty’ you’ll be in for a treat.


Much love,

Miss Rose 🌹

Thankfulness For The Coming Ending Of The Year

So we have a few weeks left until the New Year arrives and wow so far within the year, mine has been an eventful, random, productive one with so much learning curves. From left, right and centre, you might as well say from every angle possible too…


Whether good or bad, I must say they have ALL made me mold into the lady and woman I am to this day. Since times in my life I thought I was grown and mature, well yes I was certainly grown and sexy haha. But fun aside, I still had things to learn to embrace my maturity to it’s full potential through life experiences.


And so I have a lot of thankfulness for the coming ending of the year and needed to express this through my writing, since Thanksgiving, Christmas and Happy Holidays is a lot within itself whether you celebrate it all or not.


They can preoccupy your time so much, whether at work, at home, around family, friends or keeping yourself to yourself you will realise Christmas itself is so indulgent too. It is vital, to be thankful and grateful for life even if you don’t have all the money and materialistic things in the world.


Thanksgiving Contest - What Are You Thankful For?


However, from when you have attributes money cannot buy like:















Without a shadow of a doubt I hope you have a blessed, warm, fulfilling, relaxing end to the year for when it arrives and in the meantime enjoy life to the fullest come rain or shine and for those embracing Thanksgiving very soon this week may you importantly be ‘grateful’ and il_340x270.1383303423_iiak


Love Miss Rose.






So within my absence from here, I have visited Saatchi Gallery for their private exhibition. Wow, it was amazing!


I got to meet each artist with their presented designs and artistic flair, from Brooklyn, China, Australia, England and across the rest of the world with emerging artists.


However, enough of me speaking about ‘START’, I will let the images speak for themselves.



ART RAITUMA… About Microcosm

New Transition… (Move)

Hey my lovelies, I have been meaning to write again on here. But my life has been so busy… I have had a new transition in my life, which was hard to be honest. But absolutely worth the stress and move, I actually have my own home…




I have always been independent, no matter what I did. However, this has been an amazing, tiring but delightful new transition. Especially because I adore interior design, I am modern, but also old fashioned. Example silver, neutral colours with some sparkle… Imagine chandeliers… Yes I took it there, so basically I am in the middle of creating my beautiful home just how I’ve wanted it from a little girl watching the old Roman films
(back then those people had style).


Anyway, I cannot believe how much time it takes to move, clear out old items, paperwork and create a homely home from the items that are new or old which you may have already…


Wow! It’s alot, but I actually love it… I have learned so much about myself, that I can do anything I put my mind to, especially when stressed and there being obstacles around me, also how much others love/care about me beyond words and money and that I am so organised and independent I even shocked myself.


I have also learned I have remained the same quiet, diligent, self-driven and energetic lady since primary school looking at my old school reports haha, I also hoarded old items since school days. Especially birthday cards, oh my word! I had alot to clear out, however the best thing is my eye for design. My loved ones have stated my style is quite elegant and ‘stush’ meaning very stylish and posh haha… But yes, please excuse my absence from not writing on here as often. Least now you know why I have been so absent, anyway I hope my followers and whoever reads this is okay and you all have a lovely day and if your moving home yourself for the first time or not or even looking to move. Let me just say take the plunge, it will be the best thing you do and will enhance your mindset, style and great attributes you have/need for your life… 


Onwards and upwards and onto better things… xoxo

Happiness From Within…

So I have been MIA, I know… To be honest I have actually missed blogging, it’s a part of me that allows me to express myself with all my admirations, adventures, travel and memoirs that I feel to express on my mind… Especially in the moment, like I’m going to do in this post…

But first I would like to apologise for being MIA, it’s only down to a busy lifestyle… There are not enough hours in the day, these days. Plus I have been travelling, despite the seasons getting colder. I still intend to incorporate travel when I can and lately I shall be, as I have a lot of events coming up… I swear I retrieve more emails than texts… Life of a busy person, then I have to include ‘me time’. Cause even though I like travelling in/around my country and out of it, when you are consistently busy you need to make time for loved ones. But most importantly for ‘yourself’!

This is where ‘happiness from within’ comes in…

I tell you if I do not get rest/sleep, I cannot function good I am irritable as heck… Yeah, I rarely swear lol. Only if I’m high rated or gone from 0-100 haha.

But yes I like to make time for myself, but treating myself to down time with home pampering of facials (this includes mud mask, PMD microdermabrasion, st. Ives) , body scrubs (st. Ives and Sanctuary salt scrub), pedicure, toes painted at the salon, attending the beauty salon for a good wax and eyebrows threading, doing my own nails/hair and catching up on my American programmes if I’m not up to date and a few good movies… The list goes on… Those are the type of things that make me happy from within, because I have concentrated on ‘myself’ and took time out for me. Which may come across as selfish to others, but how can you cope and deal with things/others if you have not took time out for ‘you’?!

You need to be self-centered at times to get yourself in check and be content and happy, so when you associate with loved ones, others and attend your busy lifestyle your on point with your inner self and if you have a faith in Jesus like me or not your just humble and at peace for your own personal reasons that gives you upliftment then that’s a bonus! Cause that’s another notion that can make you happy from within.

So my message to you is no matter what is going on in your life right now, whether good or even bad. Remember to ‘always’ do what makes you happy from within… Cause you reap what you sow, so plant some happy moments and create lovely, fun memories. Whether it’s with people, something or just your own self, go for it! Don’t ever live to please others or even the internet, ‘try’ be happy my beauts. Life is hard as it is, don’t downpour on your inner self neither. Try to make the most of your life, even if you don’t have a major extravagantic lifestyle with lots of money or material things. It’s the small, non cost things that count!

So much love to you my lovelies and have a blessed day xoxo

Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel & Spa


Hey beauts, well I have been living it up exploring one of my favourite areas in London… Chelsea… Lately I have been to Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel & Spa, the customer service and hotel were so pleasant, professional and elegant… The television even welcomes you with your surname present on there…


Overall, my experience visiting the hotel was lovely, the weather was warm and sunny. I felt like I was still on vacation lol… So for those who would like to visit or unwind for a stay, lunch, dinner or spa whether by yourself for you time or with your friends or family. I would highly recommend, the hotel even has great beverages. Which to me was quite strong port, I felt it more because I rarely drink. However, I was enlightened by the hospitality, art and whole time spent there. IMG_4813IMG_4814IMG_4815IMG_4835IMG_4836 I created lovely memories x

Moving Forward…

So… When you have gone through strife and negative things in your life, sometimes it or someone makes you start questioning yourself and your self worth… And so it can lead you to either being so confided in yourself or on the other hand needing complete space where you don’t want to see, speak or do anything…


Those are the times you strengthen more than you will ever realise, even more so if you are into faith or come to know more about faith but if not even so as a whole when you look back you will see how far you have grown and developed…


Because sooner or even later whichever is best for you at that downfall time, you will realise you needed that negative moment and experience to become who you are now and to ‘move forward’ in your life the best way you know how as it is your life you are living and it was all a learning process to shape you into a better you.

So my note to you is, do not live to please others no matter who they are. Those who are truly genuine and love/care about you will understand and will be there no matter what and even at its best help you in the process of moving forward from that pure negativity.

Cause moving forward is an amazing thing and a beautiful transition whether you see/feel it in that time or not, sooner rather than later you will understand it is/what you needed to do and you are content and happy in moving forward cause happiness starts from within first!.


Then, you will come to realise others will admire and thank you for what you have learnt within your time of distress as you will be stronger within yourself to guide others whether you know them or not and be happy within yourself to be self confident and self aware you can overcome ‘many’ bad experiences and occurrences.

So live, laugh, love and move forward with your life in a positive, content, happy manner and live life the best way ‘you’ know how to.

Much love to you as always xoxo

The Royal Pavilion

Hey my lovelies, so the latest place I visited was The Royal Pavilion, it is most definitely exotic, with a lot of culture and history to others like myself it reminds me of the Taj Mahal (if only I could teleport there I would so adore touring the Taj Mahal… Dreaming… Maybe one day) but yes back to the Royal Pavilion as you will see the building has a strong visual flair of Indian and Chinese style, I have enclosed some images for you to see and the beautiful Royal Pavilion Gardens with some fine art collections.