There comes times in your life where you just feel you need to switch off and have time out, those who are for you will understand and those who are not. Well… You will soon see their reactions with cause of effect of actions, it will surprise you!

However, there is nothing wrong with having timeout to focus on solely ‘you’ or better yet if you have a child, children or family you need to adhere to primarily apart from yourself as a unit, go ahead and do just that. FOCUS on YOURSELF/CHILD/CHILDREN or even FAMILY.

Cause how can you attend things going on with friends/others and be here, there and everywhere for others without attending to your own business first and being here, there and everywhere for your own self with errands you’ve been meaning to do and complete from how long…

So just go for it, switch off your phone and if you don’t feel to do that put it on aeroplane mode or do not disturb OR better yet use the new feature on iPhone if you have one ‘screen time’.

I am not one for new features on my phone, as I’m quite traditional when it comes to mobiles. Texting does me fine lol, although this ‘screen time’ feature is brilliant as it is not all the time you feel/want to read messages or interact with others. There are times you are simply just not in the mood and that is your mind, body and soul speaking to you to state make time for you and go have ‘timeout’ just for you!

So what is stopping you, go be at peace with yourself. You will find some tranquility and most importantly clarity to create and enhance the best version of you!

The newer, restored you will thank you for your precious time.

Love always Miss Rose 🌹


Life As A First Time Mother

So I’ve been thinking what shall I wrote next on my blog?…

I need to post more often, even if it is one person who reads my post…

And so I shall ‘try’, but life as a first time mother can take over… Then, click light bulb 💡 flash. There I had it, that would be the name and statement of my next post… ‘Life As A First Time Mother‘.

As a lady in general before I was pregnant, I was busy and organised. However, ‘now’ I am more busier than ever and my organisational skills have played a superb part in the segment of being a mother. Since my priorities and life stem around my baby, yes I think about myself and would like/do at times treat myself. But if I don’t treat my baby too, I certainly do not feel right or feel it is worth me looking out for number one. When my other half to me (my son) is ‘my number one’ too!

I swear I loveeeeee my baby so much!!!!!!!! Only God knows how much and how deep, there is no other love out here so conditional than loving a baby and watching them grow and develop throughout each moment of the day. They certainly do grow quickly! So yes it is right to take as many pictures as possible and spend quality time with them, even when they are having their off days too. As a first time mother, I know my baby and a mother in general does or should I say they should! And same goes for those who foster, care and are guardians of a child/children. Especially if they have grown them from a baby, that in itself is memerising and a graceful experience!

Despite I will not sugar coat it at all! It can be hard, some even say difficult but each to their own. But whatever negativity you feel within yourself as a parent and mother even if your a father that is the mother ‘and’ father for the first time just know…

You are doing your best! And you are doing an expectational job and if you have not found your potential routine that a lot of the time needs tweaking for you and baby, you will! Do not give up hope, do whatever errands in home and out of home that needs completing and try get some sleep!

Cause you will feel better as time goes by, just you feel like you have a hangover. Cause things just start to get on top of you, life is happening ‘alot’ and time is just flying by. Where is time for you?!

But it is all about making time for you! As a first time mother, I self learnt that when you don’t take time out for you even if that means settling baby to sleep while you sit in silence for peace or using spa treatments in your home because you can’t attend or afford a spa at the moment or even watching your favorite programmes/a movie. Even if their on catch up whilst the baby is settled do you!

Make sure you look after you, take up a hobby. Even if it is indoors doing a little fitness like myself to renergise, stay fit and healthy and just breathe! Be you!

Life as a first time mother is rewarding, but also at times challenging but baby will love and adore you no matter what. But most importantly when ‘you’ are looking after yourself with smiles and happiness to retrace back to your beautiful baby. So yes this is my life as first time mother, that I absolutely love! And me and my baby are a package! That little person relies and adores me as their mother and whether others appreciate or respect it or not, we are a package and I still will embrace motherhood!

As I have learnt, not many people like that my baby and I are a package. However I am a new lady, who is elegantly going through the chapter of being a first time mother and loving it! Whoever does not like that, good ridden! Those people were never for me or my baby in the first place, as I feel my baby came at the right time in my life. Where I achieved my whole education including university with no gaps, achieved and succeeded in the jobs I wanted in my ‘careers’, travelled in and around the world, became a member of the biggest healthcare system ‘NHS’ and much more of my own personal goals achieved. So now is my time for me and my baby to grow, venture, focus, laugh, love and travel with and to most greatly enhance this chapter of me being a new woman as a ‘mother’ – ‘Cruz mother’ and in that I will do my upmost to ensure he is showered with attributes money cannot buy, with the values and qualities children need and boys should have to become strong grown males who also respect and appreciate ladies of all ages in this world as my son foremost came from a lady – (myself). I shall represent women the best I know how without conforming to society. Having humbleness and grace with elegance and my own persona and skills with the qualities I’m blessed with beam through like sunshine ☀️ through a cloud ⛅️

So this sums up my life as a first time mother, which is the best and biggest achievement of my life! – (MY SON)

Truly grateful and thankful 🙌🏽🙏🏽

Love as always, Miss Rose 🌹

Fitness Release

Hey my beauts, hope you are well. So as you know I am a first time mother and if you didn’t know now you do haha

My baby is now 2 months and before pregnancy and during I attended the gym very frequently, until my bump was too round and I waddled like a ducking.

Thankfully I only went up to a size 8 in pregnancy, so I didn’t need to buy extra clothes as I’m a size 6-8 and now back to a size 6

However, I can’t attend the gym no more as I’m a first time mother and shall not be leaving my newborn alone with anyone. It is way too soon, my sugar dumpling needs mommy and I’m not ready to leave him at all, that is my bestfriend/twin

So instead to develop and start my fitness release I have taken up Thai boxing, I used to do it as a child and was the only girl and completed it until I was top band and so years later guess what I’m back to stay toned, fit and healthy my ‘Thai boxing’

I swear if you would like to do a quick level of endurance, strength fitness that helps you get toned do try Thai boxing. Plus if you are stressed, distressed, have tension or just need a hobby and something to reenergise or revitalise you try Thai boxing even from YouTube

Especially as it is cultural, inspiring, enduring, healthy and full of fitness and pure prosperity with awe of clarity

That is how I am finding my fitness release, despite I am so busy. I need to schedule 99% of my life and so I had to incorporate a level and range of fitness just to keep level headed, de-stress, happy and healthy

So go for it, try it even if you don’t like it least you can say you tried it. Had a laugh and smiled

Stay lovely, love Miss Rose 🌹

Stay True To You, When People Do You Wrong

Sometimes in life you end up making no mistakes in life whatsoever… As though it’s too good to be true that you have been so well behaved, focused and driven within that time and season or you are just a genuine person with slight flaws. They are nothing major to directly target you as a severely bad person.

You just completely set your mind to what is good and sufficient in your life, you know your truth and your qualities shine out like the beaming sunshine.

However, in the background at that timing you have people who are close to you whether a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, family member, colleague or other see you act in that manner and go self-assured knowing your worth is full throttle.

However, you begin to realise. They start to hate it and their picture changes from a pretty colour to a horrid one, that you never firstly saw in the beginning.

Till you start to think, wait… Why are they treating me so bad? What have I done? What did I do?…

But just know when your on point, having so much qualities, attributes, skills and feeling 100 within yourself or even half/less, tackling your goals, obstacles and aspirations that turn into achievements or better yet you decide not to settle for anything that is below you. Cause you’ve became so self defiant and self confident, those people that have done you wrong. Coming out the woodwork, cause they want you to be like them and degrade yourself till your broken intensely.

Remember… No! Stay strong, stand tall and better yet. Stay true to who you are and if you believe in God, keep your faith! Cause whether you do or not, don’t ever let anyone or anything break you down. Till it leads you questioning yourself, making you eat and drink less or eat and drink excessively! Getting stressed and distressed, no! Find ways to refuel and channel how your feeling into something that makes you happy or at least ‘smile’, little steps are better than no steps at all! And before you know it, by God grace and strength with your own you will reach beyond the sky being the limit

So, retrain your mind to keep that glimmer of hope, grow strong to speak your truth and mature into the positive, self developed male or female you truly are.

Since those who do you wrong only want you to fall like they have and stay fallen to be negative in any way possible like them.

Rise above! And keeping rising to be the free spirit you sincerely are!

Love Miss Rose 🌹

Kyrzayda The Beautiful Fashion Angel


So today I found out Kyrzayda passed away, despite it has been a few hours/day. It’s like it just happened!


I can’t believe she’s gone! I was so shocked, I literally went speechless. She gave me guidance just for being a lady, then as time went on as a blogger/writer her wisdom was beyond measure and this was before she was diagnosed…


For those who knew her, will know what I mean then her journey sincerely began even more when her diagnosis became apparent and battling her body. This wonderful, strong willed woman ‘still’ continued to express her beautiful nature, intellect, culture, heritage, love, compassion, courage with style that was on a next level even when she began to lose her hair, grow skinner and look withdrawn body wise. Her strength was empowering!



Her spirit and faith never died and neither did her fashion ethic and willingness to instruct others who engaged with her and for all that alone Kyrzayda, I will miss you! Thank you so much for guiding me and even inspiring me with culture, a beautiful, bold strength combined with faith and style that would turn heads hehe.


The Lord gained an amazing fashion angel, who will enjoy your blissful company, salsa dancing, fitness streaks and stylish persona with sincerity of positivity.


Go Rest In Peace and be free from pain and hurt, may God forever watch over  your daughter, family and all those who loved, cared and was also guided and aspired by you beyond words. Thank you for the light you brought to my life!


Go salsa and enjoy dressing up beaut with the heavenly angels.


Much love xoxo


The Depths Of Motherhood

I did it… It’s A Boy

Hey all,

Hope your well, I am especially due to giving birth to my beautiful, handsome baby boy…

He was due Sunday 29th July 2018, however I gave birth to him on Tuesday 24th July 2018.

It was a half and half process of labour, only because I didn’t realise my waters broke haha. I just thought it was a wet patch on the bed, due to drinking lots of water and the patch wasn’t too big

Anyway, at that time I was 2-3 cm dilated and felt contractions but they were bearable… Until I went to the delivery suite and it’s like my boy knew, yeah mom I’ll soon be arriving. Those contractions started getting intense, from 7-10 cm. especially when he came down and went back up (cheeky boy) the end part seemed to drag! Whereas, it all begun fairly quickly…

However, cut the long story short I did it and I welcomed a beautiful baby boy I named ‘Cruz’.

I named him Cruz, because I wanted a short, cool but religious name and so from when I knew I was having a boy. I knew that would be his name and now his here, it actually suits him and I’m also happy others love/like it as I kept it a secret and how it’s different with no middle name. Just his first name combined with my surname and his father’s surname too… Cruz Rose-A…….

And today marks two weeks ago that he was born (happy two weeks old son, love you beyond measure) and also I have snapped back to size 6, whereas throughout my pregnancy I was size 6-8 and at the very end size 8. So it’s lovely to fit back into size 6 again and not buy an extra size of clothes, cause I so didn’t throughout my pregnancy. I stuck to my normal size.

So feeling beyond blessed, I just need to tone my stomach. Despite it’s flat, exercises and toning are still key and gain back my bottom haha.

Anyway me and Cruz are bless, my lovelies. Sorry I hadn’t posted, I was working up until one week before my due date. So I was on the go like sonic and also now his here I’m still busy, as his mother and absolutely loving it. I just need to catch up on sleep! Lol

But yes, here’s pictures of Cruz so my experience of motherhood adventures will also be featured on my blog too. Once I adhered to our routine and get proper rest, lol.

Take care, much love from me and Cruz xoxo

What Have I Been Up To After Turning 30?…

So, I didn’t realise I’ve been away for so long. Sorry my lovelies…


I tell you when preparing for a baby, life just takes over so quickly it’s astonishing!


For example, I have been buying, ordering and picking up essentials needed for my baby. Ticking off my ‘Mothercare’ App the criteria needed off their checklist, wow that app is amazing! I highly recommend it when having a baby, just go seek it out, if you already are. You never know, you may have missed something crucial.


Also, others whether you know them or not is a bonus. Things will come to mind of what you need/would like/wouldn’t like, including on Instagram. It is so helpful, then comes to understanding what you do with what you’ve brought. Especially as a first time mother, yes you may have had children around you but it is NOT the same when preparing for your own. You will realise you intend to do things similar, but still different in your own way and become SO PROTECTIVE. It’s a mother’s natural instinct, so you would like things set in a certain way. Whether others agree or not lol and you buy things you didn’t think you’d buy that are very vital and essential or just overall what you would like your little one to have for when they’re born and so you get to realise yes I am becoming a mother I need it!


For example, breast feeding cover’s for privacy. If you are like me and private you would like to bond with your baby, however you may need to extend that notion of privacy for you and your child without exposure of your body particularly in public places. Then you may want a specific sleep monitor, like myself I have brought ‘Ewan the Sheep’ it’s wonderful. with it’s natural mother womb instincts and features.


Then comes setting up the cot, moses basket, travel system pushchair, sterilising, cleaning, buying everything needed, IRONING!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness, the excessive load of ironing for baby clothes is ALOT and DRAINING! My feet and back were aching me, I felt like a needed a tambourine to shake and clap with like I was in church once I was  finished for relief!


So yes I have been up to all that and working right towards the end, socialising, doing errands, then I officially finish work July 12th. I CANNOT WAIT, then it’s onto resting, doing more kegel exercises, birth breathing, bouncing on my gym ball, antenatal yoga and catching up on sleep in peace! Cause baba, will soon make an appearance. Anytime in July now, so excuse why I’ve been MIA. I have not forgotten you or forgot to blog, I am just preparing for my baby and awaiting my maternity leave.


Sending much love as always xoxo

30th Birthday Moments

Hey my lovelies, hope your all well and embracing the sunshine! It’s hot, but beautiful…

Anyway, in regards to my post. I will be recapping on my birthday, that was back in June. Just writing about my birthday, makes me realise I haven’t posted in a very long time!

However, for my birthday it was a special one… I turned 30 years old, wow time has flown. I remember being 25 years old and then after that age, the years just flew by!

I am so grateful though, as I have accomplished a lot up towards turning 30 years old and so I am ready to start my new chapter of life as a mother and a 30 year old woman. Whilst, looking forward to the next pages in my life come rain or shine. But yes back to my 30th birthday, I went away again to another beach, stayed in a luscious hotel with buffet breakfast/dinner and gym with a spa.

Which I totally embraced as I needed the relaxation for me and the baby, especially from work as life can take its toll. I deserve a long break away, if only I could go abroad every month! (Dreaming, lol)

So it was wonderful to spend quality time with my sugar dumpling, doing lots of walking, water aerobics in the swimming pool (baby loved it!), with relaxation in the spa on the loungers. Whilst, every night reading one of my baby favourite books as baba got excited kicking up my stomach haha!

I also went shopping, I knew what I wanted /needed so that was great as I also got a few bargains and then eventually relaxed on the beach. So overall my 30th birthday was a blissful, sentimental and a relaxed one with lovely presents. Despite being drained out towards the end, due to pregnancy and just general tiredness.

So I am blessed to have spent my birthday with my unborn baby, blessings upon blessings.

Here’s some pictures for you to admire…. Enjoy x






It Doesn’t Matter Where You Go In Life, As long As You Go To The Beach

So lately, I went to the beach 🏖 as at times you just need some sand, sea and good sunshine ☀️ with warm weather.

Well I certainly got all of that, it was hot, blissful and fun. Soaking up the sun rays, indulging my toes in the sand, shades on, bikini 👙 and kimono on. Whilst making sand castles… Simple moments, but fun.

So my motto to you in this brief post is, it doesn’t matter where you go in life as long as you go to the beach.🏝

Live life to the fullest, don’t live just to exist.