The Shocking Realisation That I’m Actually ‘Multiracial’

So imagine I had my DNA tested and it came back yesterday.

Anyway, apart from being African decent, from them I also cross over into a majority of Algeria/part Morocco and part Tunisia with a bit of South Africa

Also, I take up the map for Ireland and majority of Scotland! And part of Wales and a tiny bit of England

Apart from all that I also take up the whole map of Jamaica

And the whole of Jersey/part of France map too

I knew I’d have African descent, but didn’t think I’d have a cross over from them into mostly Algeria/part Morocco/Tunisia as they’re classed as North Africa and Algeria the largest in Africa so I see the connection there and part South Africa from my African descent

But to take up the map of Ireland! That must of been from my grandfather side, cause he also had Scotland too I was aware of that one. But not a majority of Scotland! I thought only a bit of the map

Then part of Wales, wow

Plus to take up the whole of the Jamaica map. Thought I’d I’ll have a tiny bit

Don’t know where France is going lol

Anyway all of this goes back from 1770’s, all the way through to now the present

I always did wonder why some Arab women, would try talk their language to me back in the day when I was a little girl and I used to ask my mom and she’d say they probably see something in you that relates to their culture and I used to just pout and I’d get told off! Now certain things about me and what I like makes sense…

Haha, anyway my DNA multiracial. Algeria 🇩🇿, Morocco 🇲🇦, Tunisia 🇹🇳, Ireland 🇮🇪, Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿, Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿, England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿, /Jersey/France 🇫🇷 and Jamaica 🇯🇲 … Never judge a book by its cover!

That shows my grandparents, their parents/ then their parents and so on too were more biracial and multiracial than they let on! Cause I already knew my grandparents were both Jamaican Indian that made my parents but that’s a lot of mix

(Since I knew, for example both mom parents were Jamaican Indian, but my granddad had the blood clash of being the darkest sibling cause the rest were very white looking and some tanned that’s more so where Ireland, Scotland and Wales must come from. Since he had white in him too and said some family were from Scotland too) and (then my nan must be the one with Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, apart from being Jamaica Indian cause she was mixed with part Spanish descent and she had the very light complexion and that she took from her father so it must be from his side too with that cause Morocco has Spanish and etc

And my father side, apart from Jamaican too must be the French

But how I more Algerian, Irish, and Jamaican with part Moroccon/Tunisian, Scottish, Welsh and French than English?! Covering the map, that is shocking!

However, I am proud of my culture/DNA. Least I know now, as I’m identified as Jamaican Indian, Irish, Scottish and Afro Arab. Just to write all this is shocking! It will take a while for me to adjust

But it has been delightful some of my family reactions, I just need to get my head around it all and start to cook some traditional dishes from each one

Let me know if you’ve ever done the same or have mixture with you, I love culture and here’s why hehe. It all explains a lot and more about me. Would be intrigued to here your stories, much love as always Miss Rose 🌹


Passed my PA/Secretarial course and Law course too! Woooooo!

So apart from attending fashion showcases, I have also been studying!

And it has been hard to get the time to study, focus, have peace and quiet for yourself, let alone be a first time mother to a baby, attend your household, do errands, the list goes on…

It is a blessing I am organised, that sincerely helped. But to know I done it all by myself and still plucked up the courage to pursue my hopes and goals whilst being on maternity leave to better myself further with more qualifications and educational studies years after my two diploma’s, degree, third diploma and now an extra two qualifications in completely different subjects from each other and the previous studies I’ve done years ago

Wow! I’ve still got it in me. I still have the brains even, only a few months after giving birth I gained 90% out of 100% in my PA/Secretarial course and 100% out of 100% in my Law course!

I am SO shocked at the law one, cause that was really hard!!!! I haven’t had a course so hard like that one since university and I feel to cry cause I have done everything my whole self and my studies and passed and can be an even better parent/friend and educational influencer to my baby to never give up! He has a mother that is self driven and strives to achieve the best for herself to lay platforms down for her baby to enjoy and accomplish in life

And so I am…

My faith in Jesus helped me through too!

And so for those young or older, who have goals big or small, go for them! Even if you don’t believe in Jesus, to carry you through with strength and admiration you are still gifted and blessed to even have your mind enlightened to accomplish your positive aspirations and achieve. Just always remember to be grateful and thankful, even for the negativity it helps shape you to be better and to help others even if you don’t know them

Sending much love to you xoxo

Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams Showcase

Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams traced the history and impact of his influential couturiers, and the six creative directors who had succeeded him, to exhibit the likeness of the fashion house with his designs

For example, author Nancy Mitford, ballet dancer Margot and dress worn by Princess Margaret for her 21st birthday.

International Fashion Showcase 2019

Hey my lovelies, sorry it has been so long. Since I posted, however here is what I have been up to…

The International Fashion Showcase was so lovely and intriguing to capture the stillness of upcoming designers work, without the typical ambience and revelation of a ‘catwalk’

As the showcase presented work from fashion talents across the world, for example Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 , Rwanda 🇷🇼, Uruguay 🇺🇾, Netherlands 🇳🇱, Colombia 🇨🇴 , Lithuania 🇱🇹 , India 🇮🇳 , Lebanon 🇱🇧 , Georgia 🇬🇪 , South Africa 🇿🇦 , Canada 🇨🇦 , Brazil 🇧🇷 , Italy 🇮🇹, Vietnam 🇻🇳, Bangladesh 🇧🇩 and Kenya 🇰🇪

Therefore, 16 designers from across each of those countries showcased their beautiful representations and installations of fashion from their place of home (country)

The designs focused on a technique called zero waste pattern cutting and tailoring, from recycled fabrics that was renewed by the chosen designer and flamboyant with creativity of its culture

and I must say the designers were so humble to speak and engage with, my baby even loved interacting with them and his ‘very particular’. He may be young, but his clued up already

Aside of that, I have attached a video for you to see the designer and the work that they created for the showcase that was segmented into fashion week

The designers of International Fashion Showcase 2019

New Achievement- Member of the Active Wellbeing Society

So today been very productive already… I have officially became a member of the ‘Active Wellbeing Society’, this act I dived into when I first came across the information on being more active and enhancing your wellbeing as I knew. Yes I am a new/first time mother, but that does not mean I can’t stay active in a way that works for me mentally and physically. As I have ‘always’ heard parents state they stay active by running and dealing with their child/children, however I’ve always thought even before I became a mother it doesn’t need to be that way. If you want change, you need to make the change. All people can do whether they know you or not, is help guide and give you advice. It is always ‘your choice’ what the next move is. Always make time for ‘you’.

And so I know I don’t have any weight to lose, so it’s not beneficial in that sense. As I didn’t gain weight in my pregnancy, I just had belly bump. However, it helped staying fit and healthy and so I would ‘still’ like to continue that progression in my life after pregnancy.

Therefore, the ‘Active Wellbeing Society’ is about encouraging people to get involved in more physical activities within events, parks and open spaces. As face it, when spring and summer comes. Who wants to stay indoors?! I would like to be out in the sunshine and warmth, embracing the beauty of nature and life and if I can do all that and be fit at the same time. That is a bonus!

As this membership accepted me and I’m so grateful, to know were only in February and a main active goal I set out to do. Laying down a foundation for myself, for spring and summer has came so efficiently. It excites me to know, that when I put my mind to something I can achieve it. It will happen in good timing!

Also, I can bring my baby along with me too for him to watch. So as my little champ grows up, he will participate in ‘Active Wellbeing’ activities that are constructive and adventurous for his growth and development. As my motto is, you need to teach children from you. They are like plants in a sense of, you help them to grow and nurture. Doing it wisely with love, fun, discipline if needed without laying hands on them! And graceful abundance. Also, if you keep the faith and try your best, yes they will make mistakes but it is part of life… Their life, they are still to be picked up when they fall and handled with tender loving care.

So this achievement is not just for me, but for my baby too for us to enjoy and meet new people and different cultures as we experience life and an even better dimension of an active wellbeing.

So to you, keep working towards your good energy and positivity, from when you are trying that is an accomplishment in itself!

Much love, Miss Rose xx

Sunrise… New Dawn, New Day

It’s amazing how a picture can speak volumes, whether your feeling high or low. A picture means something to you, when you see it…

And so, this one expresses a lot to me. But a predominant meaning for me is that it exclaims, a beautiful ‘sunrise’ of peace, tranquility and lots of light that arises from moments before it. It is now time for a ‘new dawn’ and a ‘new day’.

Therefore, my beauties have blessed days ahead and embrace each moment. Don’t rush to do too much! There is even beauty in being ‘still’, if you can. ‘Try’ and take some time for you to recap and be silent for a change, it can do wonders for your inner peace and revitalise your mindset to charge back up again.

Much love, Miss Rose x

Mitti Ka Ghar

I actually got to view a ‘Mitti Ka Ghar‘.

If you know, you know…. 🇮🇳 (However, if you are not aware. I will explain at the end of my post)

My degree in culture and fashion may have been years ago, but I will always have a passion for ‘culture‘.

In my family, we love international and adventure and so I shall pass it onto my baby to admire the same qualities. There is beauty in what money cannot buy, but what the eye sees as artistry… Never forget you are blessed, beyond measure.

What is ‘Mitti Ka Ghar’?

Mitti Ka Ghar is the ‘house made of earth‘ and wow was it just that, I found so much tranquility when I admired that little house and its creative flair of art to make it home. Despite it was made of straw, timber and clay.

As in my notion, home is what you make it. Whether you are homely or not, home should be your sanctuary and private place. Away from the outside world, when your day has been completed.

And so for those who live in a Mitti Ka Ghar, it is a Kashmiri tradition to live in mud houses and here I have enclosed my sightings above. Enjoy!

Much love, Miss Rose 🌹


Oh how I miss the sunshine!


I am such a summer lady, I was born in the summer on an extremely hot summer’s, relaxing Sunday and I adore the warmth! You get to enjoy the beauty of life with it’s shine more, whether at home, in your city/area or across the world as you travel and see life, wear bright colours, be free in how you dress. Whether you are male or female, rock some shades if that is your thing or if needed cause you have hayfever. The list goes on…


And so, despite it is now winter. My goodness, I cannot stand the cold! However, on a good note. I am deciding to take back up swimming, I last participated in lessons back in school and I had a horrid teacher. He put me off swimming for almost life! Always shouting after us young children, when we was trying to only learn and have fun with our little self’s. Thinking back as I write, he possibly had issues and that is putting it politely. Cause no way should adults be shouting 24/7 after young children, when they are innocent and only learning.


So in regards to this post and starting back swimming soon, so I can have extra fun and splashes in the water and help my baby to embrace the beauty of water some more. I shall undergo parent and baby sessions.


However, since I am going to do so. I like to feel summery ‘all’ year round lol. Yes I am extra, I know. But life is for living and so I need a water resistant bronzer to give me that extra glow, as I go in and out the water and do my day to day duties. As, I am not looking to buy my bronzer to be show off or look attention. I am definitely not interested in males at the moment, my drive and focus is my faith, myself and my baby.


Me, looking into buying bronzer is to feel more self-confident within myself as a young woman. Especially after giving birth first time, I am a private lady. I do not show my body off. The most time people will see my body, is in swimwear (includes on my blog site here too) and despite I may not have put on any weight throughout my whole pregnancy and still gave birth to a 7lb, 7oz baby and I am still slim afterwards. I would like to continue looking after my skin and body as much as I possibly can with simplicity and within my means.


Therefore, putting bronzer on will make me feel more radiant and sun kissed within myself. As it is not all the time you need to confine yourself to the winter season, our physical appearance and skin should still have that warm, ‘glow’ and make us feel happy! And so, ‘bronzer’ is one of the things for my skin that does just that so it can make my skin glisten and feel refreshed throughout the seasons of the year as that is what works for me and my skin. As well as a good home, spa exfoliation called – ‘Sanctuary Salt Scrub’. If you are into those things, I highly recommend it!


I have attached a photo of it for you, just in case you are interested in seeing what it looks like and would like to try it for yourself or buy it as a gift for somebody who likes a good, quality spa treatment. That one you can use within the comfort of your home, whenever you have that time to yourself to de-stress.



Whilst, here is is a list of my favourite bronzer’s. Some may come under tanning too, however a little goes a long way. Even if you use it to even out your skin tone, cover marks, whatever your complexion is, there is options for ‘everyone’ when it comes to bronzer and tanning. So have a try and add it to your skin regime and feel extra beautiful… Remember BE YOU!


1: Soltan Beautiful Bronze Wash Off Instant Bronzing Lotion Light to Medium 125ml

This moisturising bronzing lotion, enhances skin tone and covers imperfections and blemishes, leaving you with a golden tan once applied.

2: Rimmel Sunshimmer Instant Tan with Gradual Glow Light Matte

2 in 1 instant tan, with a lasting subtle gradual glow.

3: Rimmel Sunshimmer Instant Tan Light Shimmer

For a flawless tan for the face and body, it dries in an instant and is water resistant. 

4: Rimmel Sunshimmer Instant Tan Light Shimmer

A touch of sparkle, for an all over sun kissed glow and is water-resistant and transfer resistant.

5: Vita Liberata Body Blur Latte/Cafe/Glow Latte 100ml

Minimises blemishes, covers imperfections such as bruises, veins and small scars and smooths skin with a radiant glow. Also, with water and transfer resistance


Enjoy. Love as always, Miss Rose x



Happy New Year

✨🥳 Blessings and blessings to you throughout your 2019 🥳✨

Much love, Miss Rose 🌹

Last Day/Hours of 2018

Hey beautiful, so it’s the last day/hours of the year and so as always it’s an extra time and season of reflection whether you class it as a good thing or not.

But just know, no matter what you have gone through this year big or small, even if it leads into the New Year. You are still on the rise to progress further and continue being you the best way you know how, at a pace only you can manage.

So even if you are not in the mood to celebrate the New Year for whatever reason/s, take a breathe and try ‘smile’ cause you made it through to begin a new chapter and you are ‘blessed’. Especially with things money cannot buy or the publicity of people, you are unique enough from just being you by yourself.

And so I end my last post of the year to say I hope and pray, 2019 bring you much love, joy, contentment, achievement, humbleness, rest, relaxation, good health, wealth, laughter and peace with hope in areas of your life you feel and know is specifically needed.

And if you follow me… THANK YOU for following my journey, as I may not have hundreds or thousands of followers but to know and see I have followers like YOU who take interest in my writing and choose to acknowledge and follow my journeys, opinion and life experiences makes me a happy, grateful lady in ways you cannot imagine and no words can comprehend my joy and thankfulness. Especially as I love writing! Much love and grace to you xoxo

Love as always and HAPPY NEW YEAR for when it arrives, Miss Rose 🌹